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Researching in today's climate may seem easier in some ways, but at the same time, getting the right information can be a bit of a challenge. In doing my own research to create manuals, help our clients and create accurate training material, I spent a great deal of time doing research. I have discovered that all of the GSE's (except for Freddie Mac unless you are one of their seller/servicers)) offer incredible training tools for the mortgage lending community. Other good sources of training material is from our industry trade organizations.

The links we are providing are free of charge, and none of the material will cost you a dime. Since the material is provided by a government agency, there are open to members of the lending community.

HUD Archived Webinar Training

Fannie Mae Training - Recorded Tutorials

VA Training Information

USDA Program Guidelines:

Ginnie Mae Training Index:

Additional Training Sources for Mortgage Lenders: Trade Organizations are an excellent source of training material, courses and events. Please contact the trade organization at their website link below.

Mortgage Bankers of America

MBA Education

American Bankers Association

National Association of Mortgage Professionals

National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association

National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders

National Association of Professional Mortgage Women

Check to see if your state has a Mortgage Bankers Association which is probably a local version of the national MBA. In California, we have CMB which is the California Mortgage Bankers.