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Real Time Audit Tracker

Our Task Master System provides our clients with real-time information on their audits. From the time an audit commences with file uploads, every stage of an audit is available for the client to review. Opened and closed tasks can be viewed as well as it is color-coded to confirm the status of the start date, the various tasks within the workflow and completion date.

Our reports come with a worksheet (initial report) and final report, including HUD�s new QC Requirements which are to be released sometime after 8/15/2014. This includes a 3-month look-back for underwriters and loan originators. Initial reports include worksheets with documentation recommendation(s) to resolve issues prior to receiving your final report. Want your reports customized? We will set up your report with as many features as you request; the programming cost is on us!

Post-Closing Audits starting at $125 per file

Audits meet agency (Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HUD and VA) standards for all phases of the post-closing audit review. Thorough review of your loan files is performed by experienced and seasoned auditors. We have one of the highest reverification return rates in the industry, and our clients have NEVER failed a Fannie, Freddie, HUD or VA audit, on the post-closing side, thanks to our experienced and knowledgeable team:

  • INCLUDED: We pull AVMs or complete a Desk Review (performed by a CRA).
  • INCLUDED: You get initial and final reports, as well as recommendations for resolutions by our veteran auditors.
  • INCLUDED: We perform business license and/or professional license look-ups.
  • INCLUDED: We will research guidelines related to an identified issue for you.
  • INCLUDED: We identify patterns and make recommendation, which may include training from our staff to yours.

No hidden fees. Volume Discount may apply.

Servicing Audits for Lenders Who Have a Sub-Servicing Arrangement

Servicing audits include all phases of loan servicing, from boarding to loan termination. Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HUD, VA and Ginnie Mae requirements for auditing and servicing files include a concentrated focus on loss mitigation, from forbearance agreements, modifications, DIL, short-sales documentation, time frames and compliance with CFPB, HAMP, HAFA and Federal Rules, Regulations and Acts.

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Specialty Audits

  • Early Payment Defaults
  • State Audits
  • Purchasing or Selling Residential Loan Portfolios
  • Loan Pool Reviews and Grading