Policy and Procedure Manuals

Why does our company need a policy and procedure manual?

Keeping up with lending regulations, agency requirements, and new agencies the industry has to deal with has been challenging for everyone. Anyone who has been approved by an agency or investor in the past year has probably experienced receiving a laundry list of what they have to change in their manuals because of these new changes.

We at DONNASHI ENTERPRISES, INC. pride ourselves on keeping up with the guidelines, getting the information out to our clients and keeping our manuals up to date. In fact, all of our quality control plans, servicing procedures and origination requirements cover mandated requirements related to FinCen, Dodd-Frank Act, RESPA, Appraisal Independence Requirements (AIR), Suspicious Activity Reporting System (SAR), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), agency requirements for UAD, quality control requirements (QC) and more. This small list of what we cover was added since 2010 with FinCen effective July 1, 2012.

OUR GUARANTEE: We will modify your manual free of charge if agency guidelines change or your investor/agency requires additional information for up to six months from date of purchase.

In addition, DONNASHI ENTERPRISES, INC. will gladly integrate your company's policies and procedures to your new manual free of charge in most cases.

WE KNOW OUR MANUALS ARE THE BEST. We are actively involved in the lender community and our business model includes supporting our clients with up to date manuals that are easy to understand and follow a user friendly flow.

If you have a manual you love, but want to add new guidelines, information or requirements, we can provide you with chapter-specific guidelines for a small fee of $150 per chapter. We will be happy to supply you with a table of contents so you can pick and choose the chapters you wish to purchase.


Your policy and procedure manual will arrive in draft form via e-mail allowing senior management to review. Send us your logo and we will incorporate in in the manual. Once you review the plan or procedure manual you purchased we can then customize it for you. You get up to four hours of integration and customization which will make your plan or manual uniquely yours.

ORDER NOW is an option that allows us to start your manual immediately. Let us know which manual(s) you are interested in and a member of the Donnashi Enterprises Inc. team will contact you within 24 business hours. Send us your company name and your logo to insert on your manual if you would like us to customize it for you. If you wish to receive more information, please call us at (760) 200-3402 or e-mail us at: manuals@donnashi.com

QC Plan
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Standard Operations (P&P) manual: $1,350.00
This manual includes all phases of loan activity from origination through closing of residential first mortgages. Including:

  • Pre-closing requirements established by Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac, HUD and VA

  • Appraisal Independence Requirements

  • Disclosure requirements (RESPA/TILA/HMDA/ECOA/Fair Lending)

  • SAFE ACT requirements

  • FinCen/SARS/Anti-money laundering (in play July 2012)

  • Dodd-Frank requirements

  • Opening, processing, lock-in underwriting, closing documents, funding, insuring loan departmental responsibilities

  • Servicing Procedures: $1,350.00
    This manual includes all phases of loans servicing activity from when the loan is boarded and transmitted to the loan servicer until the transaction terminates.

    Investor reporting (each agency now has multiple systems to work with if a loan defualts), current loan modification and work-out requirements (including HARP 1, HARP 2, HAFA, Dodd-Frank Act), RESPA requirements related to transferring and impounds.

    FinCen, SAR and AML applies to servicers too, and the reporting requirements are including in this manual.


    Anti-Money Laundering (AML): $225.00
    All mortgage brokers, bankers and other types of institutions are responsible for maintaining a policy related to anti-money laundering. Our manual prepares you for your company's responsibility with FinCen requirements including registration, establishing a supervisory user, investigation principals and responsibility, red flags, schemes, and staff testing. Everything your association will need to understand, comply and perform all mandatory activities related to the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), FinCen, SARS (suspicious activity reporting system) and compliance with the Privacy Act.

    Monitoring Your Sub-Servicer: $225.00
    In order to become an approved Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac or Ginnie-Mae (seller/servicer) lender your company must have the ability to service loans sold to them or release the loans to a servicing company. You're not off the hook if you use another company to service loans sold to one of these agencies. In fact, you have to know what the servicer (sub-servicer) is doing and how to monitor them. This manual would be required for a lender who is or wants to be approved by Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac or Ginnie-Mae when they do not have the ability to service their own loans.

    Doing Business with Brokers: $325.00
    If your company's origination model includes doing business on a wholesale level, there are additional requirements to follow. This manual takes the guess work out of broker approval, monitoring and tracking their activity with your company. It is agency compliant and can be purchased as a stand-alone section or included as a part of the comprehensive quality control plan.

    Risk Management Manual: $1,650.00
    If you are a large retail shop with multiple branches or you accept correspondent and/or broker business this is a must have manual providing senior management with all the tools needed to identify high risk situations and eliminate them. All investors, warehouse banks and agencies require quality loans and portfolios that perform equal or better than other companies selling loans to them.

    This manual includes:

  • How to create a tracking system in units and percentage format

  • How to make Neighborhood Watch numbers work for you

  • Selective audit choices

  • Common threads to identify patterns

  • Creating an internal watch list and exclusionary list

  • Monitoring your closed loans for early payment default

  • Identifying high risk product

  • Training for senior management on how to accumulate the information, stratify it and how you can benefit from tracking and monitoring your company's portfolio is available for an additional fee. Contact our main office at (760) 200-3402.


    Special product manuals are NOT mandatory. The purpose of these manuals is to assist staffing in obtaining and preparing proper documentation for a specialized product. It also allows your company to establish a policy and/or procedure for a specialty product.

    Sub-prime Lending: $1,250.00
    This manual includes basic documentation, procedures for investor underwriting through loan closing of the sub-prime loan. You can substitute your Standard Operations (P&P) with this manual if your main product is sub-prime lending. Or, if you offer conventional, government and sub-prime loans, you can add this as an internal manual for this type of loan product.

    Rehabilitation loans: $1,250.00
    If your company plans on offering 203(k) loans, FNMA rehabilitation loans then this manual is for you. It includes special rules for a holdback account, cost breakdown, construction documents related to the loan programs, funding, escrow accounts and other pertinent guidelines.

    Second Mortgages: $750.00
    If your company is or will offer second mortgages, the special procedures for second mortgages are covered in the second mortgage P&P.


    Let Donnashi Enterprises, Inc. customize your current P&P. We will incorporate your company’s current policy and procedures, memos adding or changing procedures and prepare an in-depth manual for your firm. We can keep with your company’s format or provide you with many different formats for you to choose from.
    Customized manuals usually cost between $2,500 and $5,000.

    Donnashi Enterprises, Inc. has been producing lending manuals and courses for the mortgage industry since 1984. Almost every bank, mortgage insurance company and/or agency has called on Donnashi Enterprises, Inc. to create, modify or customize manuals for their firm.

    Who Donnashi Enterprises, Inc. has created manuals for:
    Gateway Bank, First Choice Bank, Brighten Lending, Jackson Federal Bank, AFC First Financial, Ventura Federal Credit Union, Cal-Coast Credit Union, and Domestic Bank to name a few.

    Note: DONNASHI ENTERPRISES, INC. does NOT encourage you to purchase additional products. If your firm only needs one type of a manual, we would prefer you obtain only the manuals you need. If in doubt, call our office. We will do everything we can to assist your company as you choose to add more services or products.

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