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The term "mini-correspondent" refers to a mortgage broker who delivers closed loans to a mortgage lender (investor). Underwriting, pre-funding, line of credit and simultaneous closing is performed by the investor.

  • Be properly licensed in their state as a mortgage banker.
  • Have a professionally trained staff to deliver complete loans to be underwritten by the investor.
  • A loan funder who can prepare loan closing documents and coordinate closing with the investor.
  • A warehouse line of credit: Provided by the investor.
  • Net worth: In compliance with state law, additional requirements may be established by the investor.
  • Have proper lender manuals: Residential P&P-Origination through Closing, Anti-Money Laundering, aka FinCEN, and a QC Plan in compliance with conventional loans. Ability to perform QC audits on 10% of the closed loans sold to investor(s).
  • Underwriting is delegated.
  • You will need Subscribe with the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS).
  • Warehouse Line of Credit provided by the investor.
  • Insurance Requirements (i.e., Fidelity, Errors & Omissions) established by the investor.
  • Investor will either give you the ability to draw loan documents in your company's name through their document provider (or system), or you will need to subscribe to a document provider approved by the investor.

Your company, as an originator, would perform all aspects of mortgage lending including: Underwriting, closing, transferring and servicing the closed loans.

Donnashi Enterprises, Inc.provides hands-on assistance with all mortgage banking operations. Highlighted products and services are listed above, as well as some listed below; they are just some of the services we offer to brokers becoming mini-correspondents.

Staff and departmental training for your operations staff. Consulting work to set up a department (i.e., compliance). Customized training is available as well.