Our Story

Donnashi was founded in 2019 by husband and wife Zachary Rodriguez and Avery Garcia. Over the years, our company has grown from two people to over 20 people. In a world full of bold ideas, hand-painted nature and whimsical ideas, our goal is to create high-quality products that bring unprecedented fun to children’s learning.


Whimsical and wonderful ideas

In the middle of the 15th century, the invention and widespread application of the printing press changed all of this—as a scholar of media culture, Postman understands social changes from the perspective of communication media.

Different from the era of spoken language, the printing press fixed knowledge and experience to achieve far-reaching dissemination. The communication between people needs to use words as an intermediary, and began to focus on abstract experience and rigorous logical reasoning. A “social literacy” was born, whereby society was divided into those who could read and write, and those who did not. The former has become a widely recognized “adult” in the modern sense, because having the ability to read and write means having rationality.

Donnashi’s revelation also comes from this. We hope to convey power through words, so that children can perceive in reading; through excellent books, guide children to build a correct and positive personality and mind; through our unique wooden toys, lead children to understand their world more clearly and build rationality worldview.

Bold ideas

In 1982, Neil Postman, who wrote “Entertaining to Death”, pointed out meaningfully in another book “The Disappearance of Childhood” that the emergence of television has canceled the boundaries between adults and children. Under the influence of TV culture, children are gradually becoming adults, knowing all kinds of secrets, contradictions, violence and tragedies that adults thought children should not know.

But now, when we have come to an era where the Internet is all-encompassing, how should we face the infiltration of Internet culture on children?

All we can do is to prepare children for their future before their minds are eroded by Internet culture—to cultivate independent personalities, firm minds, and good morals. Let them have the ability to distinguish right from wrong before accepting the baptism of the Internet, which is the prerequisite for judging whether something is right or wrong. Let them not lose themselves even in the face of various cultural shocks on the Internet, and stick to their hearts. Just like the growth of a seed, you need to carefully water and maintain it before it germinates, and then it can grow into a towering tree and bear the fruit of gratitude.

Thus was born Donnashi.

Hand drawn nature

We encourage children to get close to nature and learn to be grateful for everything that nature bestows. The erosion of Internet culture has made many people seriously divorced from reality and turned into giant babies living on the Internet. We hope that our existence can change this fact – at least our next generation.

We want to put books back into the hands of young people, so that children can go back to the garden to learn, grow and have the chance to meet their favorite characters.

With our plantable children’s books, you can get your little ones interested in reading and finally engage in fun activities!