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Donnashi Enterprises, Inc. is a team of mortgage professionals who have been working together since 2000. Each key member has over 15 years of experience in helping mortgage companies meet the needs of an ever-changing industry. We are proficient in QC audits, both post-closing and servicing, and have written QC plans and mortgage banking manuals for many years, even before Donnashi Enterprises, Inc. was formed. Compliance can be challenging when rules and regulations change almost daily, which we monitor and share with the lending community. We are an industry leader that can help make your journey a successful one.

Donnashi Enterprises, Inc. offers many tools to help your company grow:


About Donnashi Enterprises, Inc.:

Donnashi is a unique lender service provider company because we believe we are in a partnership with our clients:

Some of the clients we have written manuals for are:

ACF First
Americhoice Credit Union
Cal Coast Credit Union
DHI Mortgage [DH Horton]
Domestic Bank
Gateway Bank
Gold Star Mortgage Financial, Inc.
High Tech Lending
Indiana Members Credit Union
iServe Residential Lending
Parkside Lending
Planet Home Lending
The Money Source
United Fidelity Funding Corp.
Univest Bank
Ventura County Credit Union.

Whenever a client says "I'm so glad I found you," our response is "it's mutual, we're so glad we found you too!"


  • California has its own Bill of Rights for CA Consumers. Default rules in California must follow CA Bill of Rights established in 2015
  • AVAILABLE NOW! Print out the manual questionnaire and go to the manual of your choice. Click on BILL ME.
  • QC Assessment Methodology for Mortgagees:
  • Origination through insuring, QC, and lender approval will be located in the new 4000.1 available at HUD.GOV
  • Common Error; Fidelity policy to cover mgt. co. and mgt. co. must have their own fidelity policy as well.
  • Borrowers receiving income from a public assistance program, including Social Security cannot be required to produce documentation above and beyond standard documentation. Likely to continue is "assumed" unless income has a termination date. See agency r
  • Freddie Mac implements its 97% purchase and no-cash out program (Home Possible), for loan settlement date: 3/23/2015. Fannie requires 97% limited cash out as of: 12/13/2014. Payoff of a FNMA mortgage with LTV > 95% is required
  • Fannie Mae releases new worksheets for calculating income. See announcement SEL-2014-12. …
  • It's about time the HUD guidelines were condensed. AllRegs has the tools to index and search tools that will benefit everyone.
  • Policies are a company's bible, as to what management wants the staff members to do. Procedures or a Process is how to do the job. Management writes policies (rules) and an experienced Operations person should write the process. That is what separates Don
  • USDA RAISES ANNUAL FEE: Loans 10/1/2014: annual fee will increase from 4% to 5%. Upfront fee will remain at 2%.
  • Changes (10/18/2014) includes FHA Gift Funds, change to UFMIP, miscellaneous FHA/VA Calculations. VA Underwriters can tell you that with a high residual income, DU was approving overall ratios in the 50-65% range, which should've referred.
  • Retweeted from Twitter: In the news! RT @NatlMortgagePro CFPB Approves DocMagic for eClosing Pilots #Compliance #mortgage #news
  • CFPB focuses on Credit Scores. (i.e., FICO). Changes to the scoring model include paid Collections.
  • FNMA stated that as of 8/25/2014 loans with money launering features will be uploaded to SARs.
  • Federal Regulators propose Framework for State Supervision of AMC's.
  • Fannie Mae - DU For Government Loan Release: May 17, 2014 - with a focus on VA. BK, Credit Risk, Loan Limit Update.
  • Freddie Mac UCCP Release and UAD Updated (Appraisal Data)
  • Self-Employed borrowers May 14 and Beyond A/E May 13. You must register. Go to FNMA Learning Center
  • Issued May 1. Read the announcement here:
  • DU Updates( 5/3/14) on will change their message regarding SSN Verification
  • DU for FHA/VA May 2014 Release Notes Available FNMA will implement updates to (DU®) for government loans over the weekend of May 17, 2014
  • Fannie Mae has extended their homebuyer incentive for HomePath properties through April 30, 2014.
  • Available on HUD's site / Archived from 3/26/2014.
  • Condominium Packaging for HUD, FNMA and DELRAP Lenders, Click on Condo Packaging Tab.
  • Fannie Mae made it clear to all approved seller/servicers that a tri-merge (soft pull is ok) post-closing credit report is required. Soft-pulls on the day of funding is not the same as post-closing (after).
  • D/U requires limited review on site condos, or primary residence condos. Most HOA Certs. provide adequate information to certify the project meets Fannie Mae standards.
  • Registration required, session provides guidance to underwriting loans in accordance with FHA requirements.
  • If you are the mortgagee or seller/servicer and another services your loans, you're not off the hook for quarterly servicing audits (i.e., 4060.1 Section 7-HUD).
  • FHA will release data ranking (scoring) a mortgagee's performance (ML 2013-46)
  • Borrowers with credit scores of 580 or higher may be approved for ratios as high as 37/47 with one compensating factor, and 40/50 with two compensating factors

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